How did this project start?

This project was started because of a personal need that developed through time for a solution to reduce down time when porting/rolling out to a new machine and for a fast recovery of a system crash. Along the development process, more futures were introduced including portability and security.

Since early 2006, I just had a back injury, I decided that I had enough time to do this and it was my way to give something back to the computing community. The "true" and "pure" ideal of helping people quickly gave me the energy to proceed in the development, after 2 1/2 years the project continues to grow and expand.

The naming of the project started with calling the project Win-Traveller. The "Win" Stands for Windows. The "Traveller" stands for portability.

I decided on a "Windows" version as it would reach more people and for the same reason I chose to develop the project using the Command shell scripting language. It is a powerful open script language in plain text that can be amended by developers and non-developers alike.

The project is built around an easy to follow frame work, so input and amendment to the project are limitless.

As soon as the project is lunched is expected to grow by the contribution of the community.

Established a Web space dedicated to host the project and facilitate the process of contributions of the community.

Every one is welcomed to participate and contribute to the continuous development of the project and hopefully it would be of use and value.